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Beyond Relaxation - More Americans Integrate Massage Therapy into Health and Wellness Routines

A growing number of Americans – one out of every six to be exact – have discovered that regular massage therapy does more than just relax the body; it also rejuvenates the mind and spirit while improving overall health and wellness.

In fact, according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), of the 39 million Americans who received a massage in the past year, 30 percent did so for medical purposes such as injury recovery, pain reduction, headache control and for their overall health and wellness.  That compares to 26 percent who received a massage for stress reduction or relaxation, and only 11 percent who did so to pamper themselves.

In other words, massages are no longer a luxury. The benefits they provide go far beyond basic relaxation to include stress reduction and improved health and wellness.


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